My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle
Animals page, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese & English
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Language Monkey My First Bilingual Encyclopedia Package Box
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My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle
My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle
My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle
My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle

My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle

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Learn Chinese for Kids with My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set + Record & GO Bundle

~~Save 20% on Record & GO book in this bundle with box set~~

Explore more than 500 words and images in both Chinese and English. Learn about animals, foods, fruits, vegetables, toys, numbers, colours, body parts, family and more in Volumes 1 & 2.

Specifically designed for children and parents who are learning multiple languages.

Children will love to hear and learn new words from the Language Monkey reader.

Also features dialogue, music and games for hours of fun and learning!

- Mandarin

- Cantonese

- Pinyin

- English

Volume 1: The Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Fish & Marine Animals, Birds, Insects, Plants, Nature, Body Parts, Family, Feelings, Actions. (24 pages, hardcover and board-pages)

Volume 2: Colours, Fruits, Vegetables, Foods, Vehicles, Toys & Sports, Daily Life, Clothes, Musical Instruments, Opposites, Places, Festivals. (24 pages, hardcover and board-pages) 

Language Monkey Reader Includes built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and USB port cable (16 GB for lots of books!). Additional Readers are available for $99 NZD.

Record & Go: You can enhance your books with interactive sound, making your favourite books even more fun and educational. Simply record your voice using the Language Monkey Reader and place the sticker anywhere!  Your child can listen to your own voice reading them a full story even when you aren't around. 240 stickers, so up to 240 books can be brought to life!

Note: This Record & GO book has codes 1-240 for your Language Monkey Reader. Codes 241+ will be available at a later date.

Recommended Suitable Ages:

Books 1 - 6 Years

Language Monkey Reader 3+ years.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great learning tools and customer service

We bought this set and one more Monkey reader so that my 16 month old daughter and her 3 year old cousin can share the books. It was great fun for the 3-year old to self select what he wants to read and listen to. My 16-month old has enough dexterity to point the pen at the stickers and copy the sounds the reader makes. We are impressed with how engaging these learning tools are for both ages and hope that as they grow older there will be more reading sources to help them continue learning Cantonese and Mandarin.

Language Monkey team were also very helpful in making the online transactions easy, providing printable resources and video demos when I struggled with recording the stickers. Thank you very much for making these products available and making the purchasing experience pleasant.

Great box set for kids to learn

We bought this for our grand daughter who just started get more interested in reading and looking at children's books. She is only 1-1/2 years old but and is learning Mandarin words but also my in-laws (who speak fluent Mandarin) are learning Cantonese at the same time. This is a great learning tool for any age and I will probably borrow it myself to learn Mandarin and to brush up on my Cantonese words. LOL
Thank you for making a great collection of learning books!

Amazing product- please make more!

We searched high and low for a product like this, which allows a child to hear Cantonese language and wouldn't require use of a screen. The design of the product is really clever and sturdy, which is essential-- my non-walking toddler grabs and clops around with the language "pen" as she crawls and climbs. I really would like Language Monkey to create more books, perhaps fairy tale, fables, or other children's stories, to be used with the pen, or the touch of a button, that would allow kids to hear spoken Cantonese as they are following along with the book.

K. Scholten

My son loves these books! There aren't many cantonese spoken books and toys, so this is great.
Also the user is super easy and intuitive.
The people from language monkey are also very helpful and respond so fast on any questions I've had!

Sheila Lee
Rare find!

I searched for a long time to find Cantonese resources available to Canadians. Most of the stuff I found was in Mandarin. I love that these books have both! The Cantonese audio is great. My son loves the pen. I am thrilled that this doesn’t require a tablet or computer as I try to limit my child’s screen time as much as possible.
My son understands Cantonese but rarely speaks it. The 2 books, pen, and Record & Go package have encouraged my son to repeat the Cantonese words with the correct pronounciation and tone. We love Language Monkey!