Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Cantonese colloquial or formal?
Both! When in Cantonese normal mode, it will repeat the formal Chinese characters. When in Cantonese "Picture Alive" mode, the description about the word will be said in colloquial form.
2. How do I use my Language Monkey Reader on my books?
When the device is on, simply use it to tap the Language Monkey Logo on the top right hand corner of each book to recognise the book. Then tap the pictures or words on each page for it to speak to you!
3. What do all the icons on the bottom of the page do?
Changes the book language to speak in Mandarin
Changes the book language to speak in Cantonese
Music iconPlays music
Picture Alive iconBegins "Picture Alive" mode. Tap any picture to learn more!
Stop iconStops any music/sound from playing
Can I see the user manual online?
My First Encyclopedia Box Set
Click here for Page 1
Click here for Page 2
How can I contact you for any questions?
Please email us at sales@languagemonkeybooks.com and we will be more than happy to help you!