About Us

Welcome to Language Monkey!

Hi, we're Holly and Theo, the creators of Language Monkey Books. We're busy parents with kids learning Chinese while living in New Zealand. We've tried many ways and researched extensively on techniques and approaches, only to keep coming back to books as being one of the most powerful ways to immerse children in language. But, ordinary books rely on a strong foundation of being able to read and pronounce correctly (with parental support), and are not focused on learning Chinese as a secondary language. This makes learning Chinese with ordinary books especially difficult because it is a tonal language, where saying words and pronunciation is critical. Our innovative Language Monkey Readers with special bilingual books solves those problems, and will keep your kids excited on learning Chinese on their own! We'll be sharing other tips and tricks to help you on your journey too, so please sign up for updates!

We're always keen to see and hear your feedback on what's great and what you would like to see in our future books. Songs, nursery rhymes, stories or another language? Drop us an email, we'd love to hear from you!