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My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set

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Learn Chinese for Kids with My First Bilingual Encyclopedia (Chinese & English) Box Set

~~Save $29 than when purchased separately~~

Explore more than 500 words and images in both Chinese and English. Learn about animals, foods, fruits, vegetables, toys, numbers, colours, body parts, family and more in Volumes 1 & 2.

Specifically designed for children and parents who are learning multiple languages.

Children will love to hear and learn new words from the Language Monkey reader.

Also features dialogue, music and games for hours of fun and learning!

- Mandarin

- Cantonese

- Pinyin

- English

Volume 1: The Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Fish & Marine Animals, Birds, Insects, Plants, Nature, Body Parts, Family, Feelings, Actions. (24 pages, hardcover and board-pages)

Volume 2: Colours, Fruits, Vegetables, Foods, Vehicles, Toys & Sports, Daily Life, Clothes, Musical Instruments, Opposites, Places, Festivals. (24 pages, hardcover and board-pages)

Language Monkey Reader Includes built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and USB port cable (16 GB for lots of books!). Additional Readers are available for $99 NZD.

Recommended Suitable Ages:

Books 1 - 6 Years

Language Monkey Reader 3+ years.



Auckland (non-rural): $6

NZ wide (non-rural): $10

DHL Express is used for all International deliveries. Time: 5-7 days:

Australia: $25 NZD

North America: $35 NZD

Europe: $45 NZD

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Laura Chui
Best language book on the market

My daughter (6) and son (4) are absolutely enjoying these books, I can see it has boosted their confidence using Cantonese, this is an absolute must have if your planing to into introduce another language to your kids.

There in not one negative thing about this product, everything is top quality from the pen (that’s been dropped almost everyday) to the book which can’t be ripped.

Amazing product, can speak highly enough about it, I have been telling all my parent friends about it.

Buy This!

There’s nothing else really like it on the market right now. Amazing set, very fast shipping. The quality of the books is very high. The books are board books so there’s no need to worry about little ones ripping the pages. The voice and pictures are also extremely high quality. My son loves the games and I am learning a lot too. It’s very hard to find Cantonese learning materials, especially something like this that can be used by a non-native speaker. Cantonese, Mandarin, and English all in the same book! Cant speak highly enough about this great product. I’ve shown it to several friends and they immediately need to know where I got it so they can get one of their own!

5 Stars

Ordered the book set for my toddler and every time we bring it out for her to play with, she lights up and can't wait to learn. The sets come with two picture books and a monkey pen that tells you what each picture is in Cantonese, Mandarin and English when you touch the page. Highly recommend for any parents raising bilingual kids.

Kevin Schinbein
Great education set!!

My son is half Cantonese and we are always looking for ways to help him learn chinese, meanwhile my wife can speak some chinese but cannot read. This book set and pen is helping them both (and all of us!) to learn chinese together! So happy this is in Cantonese as Cantonese is so hard to come by outside of Hong Kong. Please keep the language and culture alive! Love these books.

We like that the pen can read the book (by the way it seems magical, the pages are board, but thin and easy to handle), but also has a game-mode that can make the book interactive. LOVE these!

Wenping Song
Great tool for teaching Chinese to my kids

I am a Chinese and have been speaking Chinese to my kids and reading Chinese books to them since they were born in the U.S. Found this helpful to bring more interest of language learning to my kids. They love the game part and the music part. We had lots of fun using language monkey books together.